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In our view, there’s no replacement for sitting comfortably – or rising easily. Enquire now for our Rise & Recline Chairs range!

Rise & Recline Chairs-Dual Motor from £795

We believe our Rise & Recline Chairs are head and shoulders above the rest.

Each chair comes with a market-leading warranty.

The chairs are built to your order to ensure that you get maximum comfort and assistance from your new chair

We have a fantastic showroom in our shop, pop in for a look and try our range of comfortable chairs and of course a free coffee. Or just browse our selection online and get it delivered to your door!

If you have special requirements and require a custom fitted chair, we can help you find the chair for you.

Free delivery, set up and demonstration.

Getting up off the sofa becoming a struggle?

Pain and discomfort whilst getting into your chair?

Well look no further, the answers are all here within our tailored range of Rise and Recline Chairs! 


Rise and recline chairs make it easier to get in and out of a chair. For those looking to maintain their independence and mobility, rise and recline chairs provide much more freedom by making the process of standing up or sitting down much more practical. It can reduce pain, anxiety and discomfort associated with putting pressure on joints.

Have a browse through our range, Please feel free to contact us!!

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