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If we haven’t got it in stock, we can get it at an affordable price – Style Mobility price. Powered Wheelchairs Now Available to Buy Online!

Powered Wheelchairs

At Style Mobility, we understand the importance of choosing the correct option from a wide range of the powered wheelchairs.

We know that for people with a mobility problem a powered wheelchair offers complete independence. This means that your powerchair has to be exactly suited to you in terms of comfort, size, speed, adjustability and position of the driving wheels.

We offer a complete range of powered wheelchairs – from the small models designed for use around the home to custom-made, ‘go anywhere’ top of the range wheelchairs and everything in between.

Choose from our range of new or used powered wheelchairs to suit your budget and personal requirements.

If you can’t get to us, don’t worry, we will come to you. Our well trained staff will talk through your options without trying to push you into making a decision straight away. We are not going anywhere! When you have all the info you need you can take your time and come back to us when you’re ready.

If we haven’t got it in stock, we can get it at an affordable Style Mobility price. New folding Powered Wheelchairs Now Available to Buy Online!

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New Folding Powered Wheelchair Available to Buy Online

Pride I-Go Powerchair

The new i-Go from Pride Mobility Products® Ltd, features advanced folding technology. Enabling it to be quickly transported with ease. The i-Go features front suspension, durable seating system, under seat storage and much more.

Designed to fit inside any small space. The i-Go is the perfect choice for the active individual. at only 19.8 kgs it is the the lightest powerchair on the market today.

  • Weight Capacity: 18 Stone 8 lbs. (120 kg)

  • Maximum Speed: Up to 3.7 mph (5.95 km/h)

  • Ground Clearance: 4.4 cm (1.73”) at frame

  • Overall Length: 87.63 cm (34.5”)

  • Overall Width: 47 cm (18.5”)

  • Turning Radius: 90 cm (35.4”)

  • Tyres: Front castors: 17.08 cm solid

  • Rear castors: 21.06 cm solid

  • Standard Controls: Micon Control System

  • Total weight without batteries: 19.8 kg

  • Seating: Saddle back seat

  • Suspension: Front

  • Battery Requirements: 2 x 6.6 Ah, Li-ION Battery Weight: 1.35 kg each

  • Maximum Range Upto 5 miles * depending on user weight and terrain

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