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We do not store credit card details nor do we share financial details with any 3rd parties


Online & In-store

We take accept a number of card payments including Paypal


We offer free delivery nationwide within 5 working days. All orders will be processed within 2 days after the payment is received.

You will receive a separate email with the delivery date. Please give us a call if the date is inconvenient.

Return and refund policy

All products are sold “as is”. You assume the responsibility for your purchase, and no refunds will be issued unless the item you have purchased is defective in which case we reserve our option to repair your purchase or replace if a repair is not possible. If a product is taken outside the UK or repaired by anyone other than ourselves then our warranty ceases to be applicable.

If we order an item for you that we do not have in stock, this is deemed to be a “bespoke” purchase and no refund will be allowed.